Angelcare baby monitors: All models

This brand revolutionized the infant care industry and gave peace to all parents in the world. Brand culture is the search for intelligent solutions based on innovation.

Buying an Angelcare baby monitor with breath sensor means buying a trusted product to check on your child.

Models by this brand:

  • £150.95
    Angelcare AC401

The people who form part of the company team are committed to offering peace of mind to their parents, in the growth of the little ones, since that’s what they want for their families. They also understand the challenge for fathers and mothers of the growth of new family members and that is why the brand is betting on continuous research based on security.

This brand, like the rest of the other brands, has different models. Devices that work only with sound and others that work with sound and images. Also, most models include a motion sensor that we need to place under our child’s crib to keep it under control at all times. This is why the price of an Angelcare baby monitor is higher than other similar products from other brands.

Reviews on Angelcare baby monitors

Angelcare products are characterized by offering secure connections, being free from interference, offering quality sound and good transmission coverage, making it possible to take care of the baby from anywhere in the house. All models feature highly recommended child care and safety features: ring tones, night vision, rechargeable batteries, temperature sensor, etc.

Brand monitors offer crisp, clear image quality as well as a very recommended size. This allows you to monitor the child at all times. Some of its products have a temperature sensor to ensure the baby’s correct rest, night light so that the child feels accompanied during the night, two-way communication, etc.

The innovation of its products is a big plus point for the brand. Our opinion on Angelcare children’s cameras is quite good as its devices bring great peace of mind to parents. However, we recommend that you read our expert’s review of each product, since there are models more superior than others