Motorola baby monitors: All models

It is a leading brand known throughout the world, which has always stood out in all its products, especially in the field of telephony. For some years, the company has focused on the child safety sector and is going strong thanks to the great variety of models and performances offered by its products.

Many parents decide to buy a Motorola baby monitor thanks to the reliability that this brand inspires. Its childhood monitoring products are usually synonymous with quality and durability.

Models by this brand:

  • Schermo modello MotorolaMotorola MBP 36SC
    £150.00 £139.95
    Motorola MBP 36SC
  • £180.00 £159.95
    Motorola MBP33S
  • £29.95
    Motorola MBP8
  • £55.95
    Motorola MBP16

In the long list of expenses that take place before the arrival of a new family member, a baby monitor cannot be avoided, to be placed in the baby’s room. It has become an essential appliance for the care of children, which brings the tranquility and reliability that parents need to know at all times that their children are well.

The American brand offers different models. The prices of Motorola’s baby monitors will depend on the model you choose. There are products that include both the camera and the screen to see in real time what happens in the baby’s room, both through the image and the sound; these have a price ranging from € 120 to € 260. However you can find models with sound only starting from € 40.

Reviews on Motorola baby monitors

This brand always includes the latest state-of-the-art technologies in its products to safely take care of all children. Its devices are interference-free, offer good transmission coverage (even in large houses with different floors) and have lullabies to help reconcile the baby’s sleep. Moreover, the transmission channels are coded, this allows to increase the privacy of the connection.

All its baby monitoring devices are equipped with LEDs, which light up as soon as they detect a noise in the children’s room. Sound is one of the strong points of the brand; Motorola guarantees to achieve a clear and noise-free sound, which facilitates the care of children by offering safety and tranquility to parents.

Our opinion of Motorola children’s cameras is quite good. They are reliable products that normally have a good number of functions, but we recommend reading the review of our expert in the data sheet of each product since there are models that are better than others.