Philips Avent baby monitors: All models

The Dutch brand has been in the market for many years and specializes in electronic products. For some time now it has joined the security sector of the youngest of the house to take care of the first steps of children. It focuses on this type of products as they represent an excellent companion in the care and safety of children. Buying Philips Avent baby monitors is synonymous with safety and peace of mind of parents.

Models by this brand:

  • Baby monitor Philips Avent SCD630
    £180.00 £165.95
    Philips Avent SCD630
  • Philips Avent SCD610
    Philips Avent SCD610
  • Philips SCD501Philips Avent 501
    Philips Avent SCD503/00

The Dutch brand has always been formed by a team of engineers, endowed with brilliant minds, capable of revolutionizing standards. Philips stands out for always being attentive to the needs and desires of people. In the specific sector of baby monitors, it has many models on the market, all with different features and functions.

This brand began to develop the classic sound devices (where you can only listen to your little one) and then began to create the models that also incorporate the video (where you can see in real time what is happening in the child’s room). As for the price of a baby monitor of the Philips brand, we can find for 40 € the cheapest models that only have sound, up to higher prices for those baby monitors which also transmit video and can go up to 220 € depending on the model.

Reviews on Philips baby monitors

The recently born baby products of the Dutch brand are normally quite reliable. It is also true that depending on the model we will find some products that work better than others. Our opinion on Philips children’s cameras is quite good, its models usually have high quality standards and are quite reliable.

The Dutch company includes relaxing melodies and colored lights for the night in its monitoring products. This helps to combine sleep, relax the baby and give peace to the whole family. It also includes features to control the temperature and humidity level in the room where our baby sleeps and to avoid any concerns.

Models that feature the video normally include VOX (hibernation) mode to save energy and make it easier for parents to rest. It also features DECT technology, which protects and encrypts the connection with the baby so that there is no risk of interference. The coverage of the transmission that these products offer is more than sufficient for today’s homes.

All these features make it possible to conclude that Philips is a good brand when you want to choose a baby monitor, but we recommend reading the review of our expert in the table of each product as there are models that are better than others.