How to choose a baby monitor

When we have to choose the baby monitor that best suits our needs, questions and doubts arise. From the website we want to help you know what the possible options are and make you choose the model that best meets your needs.

The experience of other parents can be very helpful, but we must always take into account that our needs will not always be the same and that the experience of others may not always help us. So, nothing is better than simple but clear indications, to know what are the things we must think about in order to make a good choice:

Audio o video

Sound only or with camera?

One of the big doubts when choosing one of these devices is whether to choose one without a camera (sound only) or with a camera (sound and image). Nowadays the intercoms to listen to the children (sound only) are falling more and more out of use, it is preferable to choose a baby monitor with a camera since they give greater peace to parents and reduce worries. It is not the same thing to see and listen to your child than to listen to him only. Also, those that include the camera offer many more features.

Baby monitor for children


One of the key features is infrared night vision, as most of the time we will use our device at night. Another aspect to be considered is the anchoring or positioning system of the camera. Some models include support kits to be able to conveniently install the device to the cradle or wall.

Finally, the most technologically advanced models include a motorized camera, that is, that moves according to the movement of the child. This feature will be very useful when your child will start crawling or walking, since thanks to the camera movement we will always keep him under control.

Screen baby monitor


The screen or monitor allows you to see your child at all times. It is important to choose a camera for children with a large screen to be able to see our baby well. As a minimum we recommend a 3-inch screen.

Another important aspect is the quality of the screen, we recommend those liquid crystal screens (LCD). It is also important to pay attention to the resolution, that is, the sharpness of the image you see, and if it has the option to enlarge the image using the zoom function.

It is also highly recommended that it is a model with a wireless screen, which therefore, apart from being connected to the electric current, can also work without the need to connect the battery to the socket.

Two-way communication

Two-way communication

This is the system that allows you both to talk to the child and to listen to him. It is very useful to calm him down when he wakes up or to help him fall asleep without having to physically go to his room.

Power and battery

Power and battery

In order to use our device in more situations it is important that our device can work without being connected to the electricity. Many models have a screen with a rechargeable battery, so you can carry it wherever you want. It is also important to know the battery life, ie how many hours it can last without connecting it to the electrical outlet, and if it has a low battery alarm.


Screen mode (activation by voice)

It is recommended that our device has VOX (ECO) mode so that baby monitoring is compatible with our rest. This function allows us to leave the screen in hibernation mode, so that the screen does not stay lit in the darkness of our room and prevents us from getting sleep. The screen will activate automatically again as soon as the camera detects a noise in our baby's room or by pressing any button on our screen.



This is the transmission distance, that is, the space between the screen (parents' unit) and the camera. This characteristic is normally expressed in meters and in open spaces. We must take into account that inside our house, the walls remove transmission power, therefore we recommend at least a coverage of 150 meters.


Remote Lullabies

More and more models include this feature as it is of great use to parents. The songs of the cradle, also known as lullabies help make your child fall asleep or make him recover his sleep. Some models have saved lullabies, which in some cases you can activate from the screen (parents' terminal), so that you don’t have to go into the room of the child to calm him down.

Other advanced features

Other advanced features

The most technologically advanced models also have other functions which, depending on the parents' needs, can be very useful.

There are models that have various types of alarms, such as temperature, meal time, etc. Other parents look for the baby monitor 2 cameras, for example if they have more children or do not want to always move the camera from one place to another.

As you will have seen, many things must be taken into account to know how to choose one of these devices. If you continue to have doubts, we advise you to visit our ranking to know which baby monitor to choose. This ranking was created by our experts taking into account our experience in the sector and all the opinions of our customers.