Types of baby monitors

In this article we will try to clarify some concepts that may seem the same and that, despite this, have important differences. There are basically two types of baby monitors:

Intercom for children

These devices are the simplest devices and also the cheapest to check the status of your baby at any time.

Within this type, we can say that there is a fundamental characteristic to differentiate them. This is two-way communication, that is, if we can only listen to our child or if we can also communicate with him. This type of baby monitor does not have the image function to see the baby.

Depending on the model of radio for children, some of them have more advanced features such as: remote lullabies reproduction, signal lack alarm, VOX mode (it only turns on when it perceives a sound), etc.

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Baby monitor video

The most sophisticated device for controlling your baby while he is sleeping is the baby monitor with video camera, so named because not only can you listen to your child but you can also see him. They are characterized in their external appearance by:

  • The baby's broadcaster or terminal has a camera.
  • The parental receiver or terminal has a display or a screen.

In these models you will also have to choose between all the features they offer, such as: coverage, two-way communication, visual indication of sound, remote control of lullabies, VOX mode, motorized camera, night vision, temperature alarm, etc.

The baby monitors have more performance and therefore their price is higher. From our website we always recommend the latter because they provide greater peace of mind to parents.

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