Motorola MBP 36SC
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Motorola MBP 36SC

£150.00 £139.95
Brand: Motorola
7.3 / 10

The Motorola MBP 36SC baby monitor is a complete device to control your baby, which has some innovative features like StarGrip technology.

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Thanks to the innovative technology of this device, parents can enjoy maximum peace of mind and a secure signal, without any kind of interception. Below we list its main features:

  • Audio without interference and secure and private connection.
  • 3.5 ″ screen to keep the child under control from anywhere in the home.
  • Camera with zoom and night vision.
  • Temperature sensor to always know how many degrees there are in the child’s room.
  • Child unit with microphone and two-way communication to be able to talk to him.
  • Parent unit
  • Child unit
  • StarGrip
  • Fast guide
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • 2 adapters

4 customer reviews for Motorola MBP 36SC

We provide the opinions of our customers on this product. Find out what those who used it think!

  1. Verified purchase

    Fully satisfied. Thank you!

  2. Verified purchase

    The battery lasts very little. The rest is not bad.

  3. Verified purchase

    This product is too expensive compared to its limited functionality. Too bad the sound isn’t great.

  4. Verified purchase

    The product is overpriced. Bad night vision!

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Opinione dell'esperto

Expert review

After thoroughly testing this model and reviewing our customers’ opinions on the  Motorola MBP 36SC we came up with the following review.

It is an innovative product thanks to its Stargrip function. It presents, however, some defects such as: the poor battery life (in spite of the “eco mode” function), the low quality of night vision and the frequent loss of signal.
Final vote Final vote 7.3 / 10
Punti forti Strong points
  • ECO mode
  • Image and sound quality
  • Temperature sensor
  • Moto StarGrip
Punti deboli Weaknesses
  • The battery runs out quickly
  • Frequent signal loss
  • Poor night vision

Camera: 8 out of 10

The product has an infrared camera for night and day vision. The camera must always be attached to the power supply and is motorized, that is it can move from the parent unit.

Display: 6.5 out of 10

3.5 inch screen with rechargeable battery that can also be used with a power adapter. The images are clear and sharp during the day and allow to see the child perfectly from anywhere in the house, being able to also use the zoom mode. However, night vision is not always the best and sometimes it turns off which could be a rather serious problem.

It also has two-way communication which allows parents to communicate with the child. This function is practical, since the child will calm down listening to the voice of his parents and will fall asleep better.

However, frequent loss of signal often occurs for no apparent reason.

Battery: 5 out of 10

The battery runs out very quickly which may represent a problem for the parent who has to monitor the child, if every time he has to attach it to the power socket.

Range: 8 out of 10

The transmission distance between the parent unit and the baby unit is approximately 200 meters. However, this value refers to open spaces, in limited spaces it is usually reduced considerably. It also has a signal that warns you when you are moving too far.

Extra: 9 out of 10

Without a doubt, the most innovative feature of this device is the StarGrip. It allows you to position the camera in places where it is generally not possible to connect the device to an object near the child or his bed.

It also offers lullabies that can be activated remotely and a thermometer for detecting the environment temperature.

Conclusion: 7.3 out of 10

It is an innovative product in the world of monitoring for the little ones. The sound quality is quite good. However, we believe that, despite the “eco mode”, created to save energy and make the battery last longer, it will run out quite quickly. Even the signal losses that occur with a certain frequency are inadmissible considering the high price of the product.

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