Motorola MBP8

Brand: Motorola
5.3 / 10

The new Motorola MBP8 with DECT technology is a convenient device that has essential functions.

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The MBP8 is an audio baby monitor with Motorola digital sound. DECT technology ensures an interference-free signal for secure and non-interceptable communication. This model offers a wide variety of features and is very simple to use. It has a very comfortable night light to keep the child’s room partially illuminated. Below are its main features:

  • DECT technology
  • ECO mode
  • 50m range
  • Notice of loss of coverage
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Night light
  • Child unit
  • Parent unit
  • User manual

3 customer reviews for Motorola MBP8

We provide the opinions of our customers on this product. Find out what those who used it think!

  1. Verified purchase

    I bought it a couple of weeks ago. At first it was fine, then I started to hear less and less and with a strong loss of signal. I don’t recommend it.

  2. Verified purchase

    Great product! I hear the baby when she cries or complains and the signal is very good, there is no interference!

  3. Verified purchase

    Good product! Sometimes you can’t hear very well, but overall the price-quality is very good.

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Opinione dell'esperto

Expert review

After thoroughly testing this model and reviewing the opinions of our customers on the Motorola MBP8, we made the following review:

This is a very simple device from the Motorola range with essential functions that do not always meet initial expectations.
Final vote Final vote 5.3 / 10
Punti forti Strong points
  • Audio without interference with DECT technology
  • Night light
  • ECO mode
Punti deboli Weaknesses
  • Low volume
  • Signal loss
  • Always connected to the outlet

Display: 5 out of 10

The parent unit has a simple and very easy to use design. The sound is clear, without interference; we can say that it is one of the best features of this product. However, some complain of too low a sound.

One point against this device is that it does not have any bi-directional communication, so it will only be possible to hear the sounds coming from the child’s room but we will not be able to talk to each other.

It has DECT technology which guarantees a clear signal and without any kind of interference. However, some customers complain of frequent signal loss.

A visual indicator that visually reproduces the intensity of the sound will not make you lose any detail.
Thanks to the high sensitivity microphone and a night light, you will always be sure to hear everything that goes on in the child’s room.

Battery: 6 out of 10

Both the child unit and the parent unit must be connected to the power supply, they cannot be used with batteries; This could be a drawback as they will have to be continuously connected to the wall. This, for some, may be quite inconvenient as the ability to move would be greatly reduced.

It has ECO mode, a technology that reduces energy consumption and transmission power for DECT devices.

Distance: 6 out of 10

The reception distance is 50 meters in narrow spaces and 200 in open spaces. It also has a warning signal in case of low coverage.

Extras: 4 out of 10

As previously stated, it has DECT technology for a safe signal without interference and even a night light so that the child’s room remains always partially illuminated.

The plug-n-go function is also very important, allowing the child unit to be put into operation simply by connecting it to the outlet without following an activation routine, as for other devices. This factor, however, at the same time could represent a limit since it must be used only if connected to the outlet

Conclusion: 5.3 out of 10

This is a very basic model from Motorola in the world of child monitoring. The sound quality is good, although sometimes it is quite low. DECT technology is a strong point of the device but the connection is not always the best, since it is lost with a certain frequency. The biggest flaw of this device is that it can only be used if connected to the plug, which could represent a limit.

It is a model with quite essential features that do not always work the best. We believe that the price-quality is quite good, despite some defects.

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