Audio baby monitors

These devices allow you to listen to your baby while you are in another part of the house. Some of them also incorporate two-way communication so you can also talk to your child at a distance.

Buying a baby intercom can give more peace to our days. During the daily chores, which see us engaged in the growth of our child, we will not be forced to always go to his bedroom to check how he is doing.

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    Angelcare AC401
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    Motorola MBP8
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    Philips Avent SCD503/00
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    Motorola MBP16
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    Chicco Always with You

They are also commonly known among parents as radios for children or babies. They allow you to have the peace of mind knowing that your child is well without having to keep checking his room.

How to choose a baby radio

There is a multitude of models and brands of walkie talkies for babies in the market, so it is difficult for parents to know which one fits their needs best. We’ll give you a series of tips on how to choose an audio baby monitor. Let’s see what are the characteristics on which we must dwell on:

  1. Two-way communication

    If we are looking for a good baby radio, one of the most important features is this. It will allow us not only to listen but also to talk at a distance with our baby when we see that he is crying, in order to calm him down.

  2. Sound quality (interference)

    To have complete peace of mind our intercom for children must transmit the sound with the highest quality, only in this way will we be able to clearly listen to our child and give him the attention he needs.

    It is important to know that many times these devices can have interference in the sound produced by other electronic devices we have at home. To ensure the safety of the baby it is important to choose one that has various channels or a type of technology that avoids these annoying sound interruptions.

  3. Operating mode

    There are many modes of operation. The most recommended one is the VOX / ECO mode in which the radio is activated only when it detects that the baby is emitting sounds. In this way, in addition to saving energy, we avoid that it is always transmitting sounds, given that in some models noise is produced which is a bit annoying when the device is always accessible.

  4. Range

    It is important to know how far we can separate ourselves from our baby’s listening monitor.

    We need to make sure it has enough transmission power to get to all the rooms in our house. In most cases, a distance of 150 meters in open spaces is usually sufficient, although there are also models that reach 300.

    We want to remember that this feature is always measured in open spaces. In enclosed spaces, due to walls or furniture it is usually reduced by a lot.

  5. Power supply (battery)

    Both the baby’s unit and the parents’ unit need electricity to function. But there are models that have incorporated a battery or batteries to use the intercom for newborns, wireless, which is very convenient especially in the parent unit since you can take it with you anywhere in the house without having to always look for a socket.

    An important thing, if the device incorporates a battery, is to know more or less the duration of the it. There are models that can last up to 7 or 8 hours but others, however, do not exceed 2 hours.

    In this last case it is essential that the appliance has some kind of low battery alarm so as not to lose communication with our little one without knowing it.

  6. Other functions

    There is another set of features that can be very useful in our audio device for newborn control:

    • Lullabies: it is very useful to facilitate the baby’s sleep. The ideal thing is that they can be reproduced at a distance from the parents’ unit, this will surely save you more than a trip to your baby’s room.
    • Temperature and humidity / alarm sensor: to find out the temperature of the place where the baby is. It is also interesting to know if it has alarms for when the minimum or maximum values are exceeded.
    • Fixing the radio: many times, depending on the characteristics of the room or the cradle, it may be difficult to place the appliance close to the child. In this case the kits that incorporate certain models are very useful to be able to fix them to the cradle or to the cabinet.