Baby monitors with camera

A good baby monitor with a video allows you to enjoy great tranquility at night when your baby is sleeping in his room. With the proper model you can see how he sleeps, if he is well and even talk to him to calm him down while you go to check on him. Furthermore, the new video baby monitor models with camera allow you to check the temperature of his room and many other useful features.

Since the safety of babies is the priority of all fathers and mothers, while your little one is in another room in the house it is important to have a system that allows you to control what happens while you are not with him/her .

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How to choose a baby monitor with a camera

Let’s see what are the most important parameters to keep in mind when buying a camera for children.

  1. Quality and screen size

    If you buy a device to monitor your child, the main thing is that you must be able to see your child with sufficient resolution and an adequate size.

    The best are LCD or liquid crystal displays because they offer great image quality and consume little electricity.

    Starting from 2 “(2 inches) the size begins to be adequate. The latest models have 3.5 “and you will see that they are ideal because they are approximately like the screens of smartphone phones.

  2. Camera with night vision

    It is one of the most important things the camera that you have to place in your child’s room must have. Without night vision, believe me, the children’s video camera doesn’t make sense because most of the time you’ll use it when your child sleeps and this normally happens with the dark room. Fortunately, most models on the market have infrared.

  3. Motorized camera

    It is difficult to find, as this function is quite advanced. This yes, gives parents total peace of mind as the camera follows your child’s movements. It may be that at the beginning it is not very useful as it will stay in the cradle, but later when he/she starts walking or crawling, it will become an indispensable function. This feature allows us to extend the life of our device as we can use it even when they are older. Invest in the future. At the moment the only device that has this feature is the Availand Follow Baby.

  4. Screen operation mode

    In general you will find that the screens of the baby monitors have 2 possible modes of operation:

    • NORMAL mode: in which the screen remains constantly lit.
    • VOX/ECO mode: in which the screen remains off and can be activated through different mechanisms.
      • Activation by movement: the camera has a motion sensor that activates the screen when your child moves.
      • Sound activation: when there is noise in the baby’s room, the camera recognizes it through the sound sensor and the screen turns on.
      • Manual activation: in many models you can only turn on the camera manually, by clicking on it yourself..
  5. Two-way communication

    One of the functions that will help you reassure your child is the opportunity to talk to him. There is nothing like the voice of parents to calm him. If he starts to wake up or move, many times just talking to him he calms down. If he does not completely calm … the best thing is to take away part of the agitation, just by using your voice as you walk to his room.

  6. Other factors

    Here we include numerous important factors that you need to take into account before buying your video baby monitor:

    • Power supply mode: two devices (the parents’ terminal and the baby’s terminal) need electricity to work. On certain occasions it will be by means of the cable connected to the current and in others with battery (or batteries) and therefore will be able to work without cables..
    • Range / alarm: the coverage is the maximum distance with which our device works. The best ones have a coverage between 150 and 300 meters and also have an alarm that alerts you with a whistle when the baby is out the coverage range. Make sure the baby monitor you buy has sufficient coverage for your home or apartment.
    • Possibility of connection through the internet: in general the only place where you can see the image of your child is in the parent’s terminal but there are video cameras that you can use indistinctly with the parents monitor or with your mobile phone..
    • Lullabies: it is an additional function that you will find very useful when you try to put the child to sleep. Normally they have 3, 5 or 8 polyphonic melodies in memory.
    • Temperature and humidity / alarm sensor: you can find out the weather conditions in your child’s room by looking at the screen of your monitor. This way you will know if it is cold or hot. Moreover, in some models you can set an alarm that alerts you when it is outside the maximum and minimum limits.
    • Number of cameras: Do you need more than one angle in the room to keep an eye on your baby? Do you have twins and want to control 2 or more rooms simultaneously? Many models offer the possibility of configuring 2, 3 and up to 4 different cameras. So you can know how they are doing, from one device.
    • Camera fixing: certain baby monitor cameras can only be placed on a flat surface while others come with a tripod or other options to fix them to the wall. Although it may seem obvious, such help will facilitate your daily life.