All our products have a 2-year warranty that is activated from the day of purchase. In the event of a defect, the customer has the right to repair or replace the product at no additional cost. We also have the Money back guarantee program for new purchases.

How to proceed?

If you encounter problems, with these 3 simple steps:

First step

1.- Contact our customer service describing the problem encountered.

second step

2.- If we need to see the product, we send our courier to pick it up for free.

third step

3.- Our technical service will assess the nature of the problem, if established, you will be receive a new replacement product at no additional cost.

The following are excluded from the warranty:

  • Problems related to incorrect use of the product.
  • Damage caused by exposure to fire, falling or immersion in liquids.
  • Damage caused by blows or product alteration.

Replacement and returns

If you are not satisfied with our products you will need to contact our customer service within 10 days of receiving the product.


Change: You can replace it with any product in our online shop. Paying or receiving any price difference. The shipping costs, in this case, are charged to the customer.


Return: If you are not satisfied with one of our products, we send our courier for free to collect it. After receiving the product and seeing that everything is in order we will refund your money through the same payment method with which you purchased.


In order to make any change or return without problems, the only thing we need is that the product is in perfect condition (without any damage), both in its original box and with all accessories.