Baby monitor to check on the elderly

Taking care of our loved ones, whether young or old, is a delicate subject that requires a lot of patience and help. Fortunately, today, we can count on new technologies that provide us with useful tools to make this task less complicated.

In recent decades, following the considerable increase in life expectancy, many of us have found ourselves taking care of both the youngest and the oldest.

Devices to check on the elderly at a distance

When you have to take care of them, one of the most common fears is that they fall or get hurt in some way. To avoid having this fear and above all to be able to check on them not only when we are not with them but also at night when they sleep, it is essential to be able to rely on a remote control system for the elderly like that of the baby monitor.

Thanks to night vision, we can see if they get up at night and help them if they need to get up to go to the bathroom, for example.

Most accidents take place precisely at night, as many of them do not want to turn on the light or disturb, and end up falling, or getting hurt. These lesions can be more or less serious, varying from a simple blow, up to the feared pelvic rupture. However, if we monitor their movements comfortably from another room, or even from ours, we can control them while we are doing something else and avoid such situations.

Furthermore, the built-in motion sensor allows us to hear them even before they get up, should they need anything. In this case, we recommend a camera that is activated when it detects some movement, so it is not necessary to keep an eye on it all the time: if the elderly person wishes to stand up, the device will detect the movement and warn us immediately.

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Surveillance device with motion sensor


Tranquility for us and for them

When caring for both the youngest and the oldest, it is essential to be able to count on the appropriate tools that allow us to do more things at the same time, without spending all our time focusing on them.

Thanks to remote monitoring systems for the elderly, we can, for example, cook knowing that the elderly are in the living room and are watching TV. Or we can easily relax while reading a book, because we know that the elderly are sleeping peacefully in their bed.

In this way taking care of them will be much more pleasant, we will relax mentally and feel more rested since we will not have to worry about assiduously checking personally if everything is going well. This “freedom” will make us more tranquil and them feel more independent, who will stop feeling a “burden” for us and our families, feeling loved and cared for at all times.

In this sense the two-way communication function is particularly useful: it allows us to communicate with them and ask if everything is going well without necessarily having to get up. This function gives them peace of mind because they know that on the other hand there is someone ready to listen to them and this makes them feel protected and taken care of.

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