3 best baby monitors 2021

In 2020 we saw how many brands presented new models or improved some of the existing models. Today there is a great variety of models on the market and for this reason, using our experience, we have analyzed and selected those that we believe are the models that offer the best performance and whose operation is more intuitive, safe and reliable.

Do you want to know which one is the best? Which one offers the best performance? The safest one? Don't hesitate to look at our ranking and find out which is the best video baby monitor of the year.

Which baby monitor to buy

Thanks to our experts and our customers, we have created this ranking to help parents know which baby monitor to choose. We have analyzed more than 30 models, and this is the final result:

Availand Follow Baby best baby monitor availand follow baby-1 Final vote Final vote 9.6 / 10
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Philips Avent SCD630 Baby monitor Philips Avent SCD630 Final vote Final vote 8.4 / 10
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Chicco Top Digital Video Final vote Final vote 8.3 / 10
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  1. Availand Follow baby
    Availand Follow baby
    9.6 / 10 See review

    The Availand Follow Baby is without doubt the best baby monitor on UK / European market. In 2020, this Availand branded device entered the lists of best sellers and is appreciated by parents who want to keep their children well monitored.

    The large format 3,5” color screen and the quality of the image and sound allow you to see and hear the baby with total clarity and without interference. It really gives you peace of mind knowing that you can see your child at any time, wherever you are, and all at the highest quality and without interference.

    The most characteristic feature of this model is the one that gives it its name. Follow Baby is an automatic monitoring function thanks to which the camera follows your baby when he/she moves. This way you always know that you will be focusing on the right spot. Furthermore, there is an optional function: you can also move the camera to your liking at 360° thanks to the direction arrows and the zoom.

    In addition, this Availand model has a number of features that will make your life easier:

    • Night vision using infrared, with great image accuracy.
    • It has two modes of operation: the normal mode, in which the screen is constantly turned on and the VOX mode in which the screen remains off and lights up when there is a noise in the baby's room. This mode is ideal at night as it allows you to sleep in the dark and yet know when your child wakes.
    • Two-way communication to listen and talk to your child through the screen.
    • Coverage of 300 meters.
    • Temperature and baby food alarm.
    • Three lullabies that you can activate from the parents’ monitor and help your child sleep more peacefully.
    • Two power supply systems: the parents' monitor can work connected to the power using a cable or you can use the built-in lithium battery, which has a super long battery life: 7 hours of duration!
    • Ability to configure and use up to four cameras.
    • As if this was not enough, in 2020 Availand introduced the Auto-Scan technology by which the cameras change automatically every 8 seconds. This allows you to monitor your baby from different angles or monitor different rooms without having to manually change the camera every time.

    Ultimately the Availand Follow Baby features the most outstanding performances in children's video surveillance and excellent performance, which is why we consider it the best video baby monitor of 2021.

  2. Philips Avent SCD630
    Philips Avent SDC630
    8.4 / 10 See review

    This is a high-end model from Philips. It has a series of advanced features that will allow you to get great results from this device.

    Its screen is a 3,5” LCD although we have to say that the resolution is not that great. The range coverage in open spaces is up to 300 meters and in indoor spaces is reduced to 50 meters.

    It is a very reliable product that does not present any kind of interference either in the audio or in the video, so you can monitor your baby with total safety. It also features the classic features of a high-end baby monitor: night vision, lullaby reproducer, long battery life, temperature sensor and VOX mode.

    Undoubtedly, the Philips Avent SCD630 is a good quality product and meets parents' expectations, which is why it ranks second in our ranking of the best cameras for babies in 2021.

  3. Chicco Top Digital Video
    Chicco Top Digital Video
    8.3 / 10 See review

    This model from the Italian brand Chicco is very complete, practical and with interesting features and good performance that will make the life of many families much more peaceful and comfortable.

    It has a 3-inch digital touch screen that is a bit smaller compared to its competitors. The controls are very simple and allow you to easily manage information. The screen shows us the date and time, the temperature of the room in the baby's room, and you can activate one of the six pre-recorded lullabies in the baby's unit or activate the music that we have previously registered by means of an MP3 connection.

    This device has a digital zoom, so we can bring the image closer to see the baby more clearly. Like most baby monitors in the market, it informs us of the energy level and quality of the connection; it must be affirmed that its coverage is approximately 150 meters, so it will carry out an effective surveillance in a medium-sized house without the architectural barriers being any problem.

    The baby unit has sound sensors that can be adjusted to make them more sensitive at night. The camera has day and night vision through infrared and also includes a company light that will be of great help to the baby. All functions can be activated or deactivated by the parents unit. Both the parents and the baby units work with the corresponding network adapters.

    The Chicco Top Digital Video Baby Monitor is placed in the third position of our ranking for its simplicity and its good functioning.