Availand baby monitors: All models

The Spanish brand Availand is going strong in the field of baby products. Despite being young in this sector, it is strongly imposing itself both in the list of best sellers and in the best recommendations. In fact, we include one of its products in our top 3.

Buying Availand baby monitors is a safe choice, these products have earned the trust of parents in the market thanks to the fact that they guarantee the well-being of children. The brand offers design products, with quality materials and by offering endless services for the growth of babies.

Models by this brand:

  • Follow Baby functionsbest baby monitor availand follow baby-1
    £170.95 £155.95
    Availand Follow Baby
  • £130.00 £115.00
    Availand Nordic Touch

The child safety sector is constantly changing due to constant innovation and the evolution of technology. For this reason, the Spanish brand aims to always be trendy, and to work with the best technicians and engineers to achieve results that offer security guarantees.

This business philosophy allows parents to trust completely and focus on this brand in terms of child control and safety.

The brand has various models (all of which include both sound and image), which are made with quality material and an elegant design. The prices of the Availand brand baby monitors range from € 89 in its Maddi Baby model to € 189 in its Follow Baby model. We must say that both devices offer a great value for money.

Reviews on Availand baby monitors

Devices to control your child have become essential products in the home in view of the arrival of new members in the family as they facilitate the growth and care of children. It is an essential product that must be included in the shopping list of the things that must be bought in view of the birth of a child.

We highlight its best product which is the Follow Baby model, which boasts the award for best baby camera of the year 2019 and with which the Spanish brand has revolutionized the monitoring sector of the youngest of the house. This device stands out for its image quality and the motion sensor that incorporates the camera. This model uses Auto Follow technology, that is, the motorized camera automatically follows every movement of the baby, so you will never lose sight of your child. You can also use the device when your baby starts walking or crawling.

Our opinion on Availand children’s cameras is excellent. Buying a product of this brand guarantees safety, quality and well-being for both parents and children. We recommend that you read the review of our expert in the tab of each product to see the features and services of each model.