Baby monitor with breathing / heartbeat sensor

More and more new devices to control our children are on the market. This is the case of the baby heartbeat monitors or baby breathing monitors. Parents are often influenced by more technological products with sensors in the form of a mattress, sock, bracelet, etc. But from we want to warn parents that these devices do not offer real and daily help; we found some disadvantages compared to this type of products.

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    Angelcare AC401

Disadvantages of baby monitors with breathing / baby heart rate control

There are a few points to consider before purchasing one of these models that monitors the respiratory rate or heart rate of our baby:

  1. They have no proven usefulness

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association and American Academy of Pediatrics , there is no evidence that this type of device helps prevent sudden or crib death (SIDS) and should never be used for this purpose. However, the continuous aggressive publicity regarding this type of product leads parents to believe the opposite.

  2. It causes unnecessary concern

    The false alarms sometimes given by these baby monitors with sensor pad, or the fear of many parents who want to keep the baby as safe as possible, increase anxiety and give rise to a false sense of security.

  3. Not certified

    These devices do not have any type of certification or official test to ensure that they correctly measure the vital parameters of our child. Furthermore, even if these parameters are correct, the finally say is always of the doctor.


From, we advise parents not to buy such devices because they offer a false sense of security more than anything else and can lead to creating unnecessary anxieties. A common baby monitor with a direct image transmission is enough to help us control our baby.