Video baby monitors with 2 cameras

Brands are aware of how important parental safety is and the certainty of having everything under control. For this reason, they have created devices with which it is possible to increase the number of cameras.

The multi camera baby monitors allow us to keep everything we need under control: two or more cradles, two or more different rooms, etc. These models are ideal for all those parents who have two or more children or twins.

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    Availand Follow Baby With 2 Cameras

How to choose a baby monitor for twins (2 or more cameras)

Not all models have the ability to add other cameras. If we were interested in this function it would be important to make sure that the chosen device includes this option.

There are some features to consider before choosing the model that best fits our needs:

  1. Number of video cameras (multi room)

    We must pay attention to the number of cameras that the device supports. The more devices there are, the more rooms and children we can monitor.

  2. Are they motorized?

    Function with which it is possible to move the camera from the parent unit without going into the children’s room. This function will be very useful when the child will start crawling or walking as it will not be necessary to change rooms if the camera does not frame them.

    We also recommend the Auto-Follow feature as it includes more advanced models. With this feature the camera will automatically move, by following the child and you will never lose sight of him.

  3. Two-way communication

    Function through which it is possible to listen and talk to children in a single way, keeping each of the two cameras under control.

  4. Check both cameras

    It is essential to be able to control both cameras at the same time, for this reason we recommend all those models that have the Auto-Scan function that allows us to frame both cradles / beds alternately so that we can keep the room under control continuously.