The best selling baby monitors of 2019

Nowadays, having a baby monitor at hand is basically essential. In recent years, more and more parents are relying on these new technologies that allow them to keep their little ones in check through comfortable monitors. Knowing what happens in the child's bedroom, gives new parents a sense of profound tranquility..

Baby monitors can be of two types: audio only and audio and video. Normally, audio-only devices are small and comfortable. However, they present only a series of very basic functions that often are not enough. The audio and video baby monitors, on the other hand, are the most recommended, thanks to the variety of features they offer.

Below we present the ranking of the best selling baby monitors in 2019:

  1. Availand Follow baby
    Availand Follow baby
    9.6 / 10 See Review

    In the first place we find the model of the Availand range. This camera for children has made its way in recent years thanks to its highly innovative features. In fact, it presents a cutting-edge technology, irresistible for those who like to have the situation under control. Does the child cry or complain? The screen will light up to warn the parent, who will be able to activate relaxing lullabies so that the child can go back to sleep, or he can talk to him thanks to two-way communication. Want to know what happens around the baby? No problem! With the Auto-Follow technology thanks to which the camera automatically follows the baby's movements, you will not miss anything at all. Do you want to know what is the temperature in the baby's room? With Availand you will know it. These are just some of the many features of the baby monitor.

    The baby monitor Availand Follow baby is without a doubt one of the best models of 2019. It has an ’excellent quality-price ratio and thanks to the Auto-Follow technology it allows you to take advantage of its original features not only when the baby is small, but also in subsequent years. Excellent investment over time!

  2. Motorola MBP16
    Motorola MBP16
    6.9 / 10 See review

    It is an audio-only model, with a good value for money. It is recommended especially for those who are only looking for audio mode. It is one of the most purchased models of 2019 thanks to the accessibility of the price.

    It has no particularly innovative function like other models, but it is still a good device.

  3. Philips Avent SCD630
    Philips Avent SCD630
    8.4 / 10 See review

    This model from the Philips world also has highly innovative features. First of all, with a 3.5 inch screen, you won't really miss anything.

    Interference will not be a problem, thanks to an extremely reliable audio signal you will hear and see everything. It has the classic features of a normal baby monitor: night vision, lullaby and temperature sensor and VOX mode, thanks to which you will save a lot of battery, since the screen will light up only when necessary.

    It is therefore a good quality product , that fully satisfies the needs of parents.