Hello Baby baby monitors: All models

This is a new brand that, thanks to its economic prices, is making headway in the European market.

Buying a HelloBaby baby monitor means buying a handy and easy to use device. A simple and elegant design, even if with such a low price, we cannot expect a high quality model with multiple functions.

Models by this brand:

  • Baby monitor Hello Baby HB32
    HelloBaby HB32
  • Telecamera per bambini HB24
    HelloBaby HB24

Its models are in a medium-low price range and offer a good quality-price compromise.

Reviews on Hello Baby baby monitors

Its products are characterized by good finishes and a simple but elegant design. Moreover, almost all models have a great variety of colors that allow parents to choose the one they like best.

Its screens represent the weak point of all models, in its star model, the HB24, the screen is excessively small (only 2.5 “inches). Moreover, the image quality is not the best and noticeably worsens with night vision.

Another problem is that its devices for supervising children do not use DECT transmission technology, its models frequently interfere with various electronic devices.

Our opinion is that the HelloBaby children’s cameras are of average quality. Indicated for those who are not very demanding and are looking for an inexpensive baby monitor, and who are in possession of the basic functions and perhaps offer some slightly more advanced functions. Suffice it to say that each model is different and we recommend reading the opinion of our expert available in each product sheet.